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How I Work

Individual Therapy

In my practice, I offer holistic psychotherapy that is trauma-informed and culturally sensitive. I incorporate Client-Centered, Relational & body-oriented approach. 

Our session often looks like “talk therapy.” My Client-Centered approach is grounded in warm, non-judgemental presence that sincerely honors your inner wisdom and strength. 

As a relational therapist, I value collaborative therapeutic processes, so we’ll work together to find what feels the most helpful to you in our sessions.

I am attentive to the trauma response. I use the lens of Somatic Experiencing® (SE) - body oriented approach for the resolution of trauma and chronic stress. Methods of SE give us embodied awareness and understanding of trauma response, autonomic nervous system, and tools of how to slowly and gently regulate and support our system to bring balance in our lives. 

In our work together, you may discover deeper awareness and understanding of relational patterns that have been troubling to you. You may experience emotions that are relieving and also challenging at times. You may discover ways to ease and attune to your mind, body, emotions, and spirit. You may reconnect with inner strength and wisdom that's already within you. Ultimately, we will work together toward your goals in therapy. My hope is that by working together in the therapeutic process, you'll find more choices, autonomy, empowerment and/or inner freedom in your life. 

Adolescent/Family Therapy

I enjoy working with teens and families. I have experience working with teens individually and in the context of family therapy. During the initial consultation and first few sessions, I will assess what your needs are, and how I may support you and your family in the best way possible. I utilize a number of approaches in family therapy such as Family Systems, body-oriented therapy, and Play/Art Therapy for young children and teens. By attending in family therapy sessions, I hope that you and your family feel closer to and supported by each other. 

My clinical experience includes working with individual adults, teens and families in private practice and community agency settings, with K-12 in school settings, and in a California prison. 

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